I came to play - Basketball Camp

Sports and peace education program

Building "Bridges" and Transcending Boundaries through Power of Sport and Play

I came to play - Basketball Camp


Instilling values and connecting identities through the power of sports and play


Raising public awareness and improving the lives of children in the region.
Using the sports as the common language for peace, friendship and sportsmanship


Fair play, Teamwork, Respect, Commitment, Compassion, Leadership, Optimism, Joy, Integrity…


The camp is designed to bring together a group of young people whose love of sports/basketball transcends the recent histories of the region. Positive messages about working (and living) together, leadership and leading a healthy, drug-free life will be infused into the basketball instructions.

Afternoon sessions of the camp will include motivational speeches and interactive games to reinforce these messages.

The camp will also include daily workshops and seminars designed to promote leadership, conflict resolution and living a healthy lifestyle.

Seminars will also demonstrate the capacity of sport to transcend boundaries and bring people together while teaching good messages to the campers such as the importance of education, tolerance and understanding.

Through the inspiration, sportsmanship and structure of play and competition proposed peace education program will mount a serious effort to make a difference in the lives of the young people in the region, promoting a certain sense of respect for the game, for the rules, the body and the opponent.

Using sport of basketball, program will help the campers in developing fundamental life skills like learning to better understand and respect diverse cultures and religions that make up their local communities; and by working together to solve problems, overcome obstacles and accomplish common goals.

Camp schedule is designed for 10 days.

Please take a closer look at a full project design together with the sports camp set up, its conflict resolution conference, complete list of speakers, camper workshops and seminar schedules (its academic rationale) in this PDF file.

Brief project description in Serbian: Pregled programa na srpskom.


Flajer (534 KB)

Report 2009 (3.3 MB)
 Final Report
  Report 2008 (1.8 MB)



Sports Humanitarian Organization: Play
Sports Humanitarian Organization: Play
  Telekom Srbija Nectar
Youth Initiative for Human Rights   Sportikus
  Pokrainski zavod za sport   Universitetet i Tromso   University of California, Berkeley
This is the proof that you can achieve great things in Serbia

Vlade Divac
Ex NBA player, president of the Serbian Olympic commitee

The basic idea of this camp is noble, it uses basketball as a tool to enrich the lives of young people

Miodrag Vesković
Basketball coach; Hemofarm, Italy, Russia

We had a great time, learning, playing basketball, having fun, etc.

Benjamin Markulov
Camper from Osijek, Croatia

Idea of this camp is extraordinary. We really lack these types of initiatives in the region

Milan Hosta Ph.D.
Fair Play Institute, University of Ljubljana

I've learned what Fair Play really is and I got to meet a lot of new friends

Stojanović Novak
Camper from Belgrade, Serbia

I definitely understood the meaning of responsibility!

Timče Ridov
Camper from Kavadarci, Macedonia

I am extremely happy to have been here to work and to help these kids in any way

Željko Lukajić
Basketball coach; Partizan, Hemofarm, Bulgaria, Russia

This camp positions sport in the service of life” prof. Marijana Toma
International Organization for Migration
We need more of these types of projects in Serbia

Žarko Paspalj
Ex NBA player, vice president of the Serbian Olympic commitee

I think it's a great idea, it's a great combination of sports and education

Charles Webel Ph.D.
University of California at Berkeley, Senior Fulbright Scholar

I've learned to be honest, play the game fairly with my teammates

Niki Pravdić
Camper from Maribor, Slovenia

I hope this initiative takes root and is repeated

Yorgos Leventis Ph.D.
UN University, Tokyo

I'll tell others everything I've learned here

Nijaz Rifatbegović
Camper from Tuzla, Bosnia

This is the first camp that operates in this way....New approach to youth education

Boban Stanojević
Basketball coach; Banjaluka, Sarajevo

I've liked it here very much and would love to come again next year!

Dušan Petković
Camper from Štrpce, Kosovo

I think the future of this project is limitless

Jennifer Brush
Deputy US ambassador in Serbia

City of Novi Sad will always support quality programs like this one

Igor Pavličić
Mayor of Novi Sad


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